Who needs us

Who needs our services

Below is a list of services we can provide and who might need them. Each service is explained on how it is delivered and the processes involved in completing them. If you have any questions please contact us, we are open Monday to Saturday 8:30am - 6:30pm. Our company has all the correct licenses and insurances for our customer’s protection and rubbish removal, in fact we encourage people to request these documents before using any house clearance or rubbish removal firm.


House clearance of a deceased family member or friend 

If you have to clear out a deceased family member of friend’s property then you need our services. Our house clearance service takes care of everything, we can purchase any items of value, clear any rubbish and take any reusable items to charity. We can even pull up and clear old carpets and take garden of garden maintenance.

All textiles, books and sets of crockery are donated; we found it’s a lot nicer for items to go to a good cause instead of ending up in landfill. We can take them to our chosen charities or a charity of your choice.

First step to getting a property cleared is to give us a call to arrange a quote; we are able to get you booked in within a couple of days from your call. We are able to pick keys up from solicitors, friends or estate agents if you are unable to attend. We are able to provide rough quotes from photos sent to our email address. During the quote we will explain the costs involved in tipping the rubbish aspect of house clearances and point out any items that may have some value. Our quotation sheets are specifically designed to clearly show every cost involved.

Once the quote has been provided we will arrange a date to come and clear the property. You can count on a professional and reliable service, our reviews and feedback show this.

Partial House clearance of a deceased family member or friend

If you have a house which has items you would like to keep inside or just require certain rooms to be cleared then please give us a call for a quote. We take extra care when separating personal items from clearance items. We even offer a delivery service for items you wish to keep. We understand removing large wardrobes or double beds can be a challenge for most cars so we added this service in to streamline the process for our customers.

Rubbish Removal

If you have any items or clutter you no longer need please give us a call. You will find our prices very competitive and a top notch, reliable service. We can arrange to come around to provide a quote or may be able to give you a price over the phone.

All rubbish is taken to licensed commercial centers and tip fees can be provided to show its been disposed of correctly. You don’t want to use a cowboy rubbish removal firm who doesn’t dispose of their rubbish correctly; it can cause serious problems for the rubbish’s original owner.

Have items you wish to sell 

If you have inherited furniture or have items you wish to sell then we may be able to help you. There’s not much we won’t be able to make you an offer on and you can rest assure the offers will be more that fair. We have outlets and shops in London, Bournemouth and in Sussex, which enables us to get the best prices for the items we sell. Doing this enables us to pass those benefits onto our customers.