Brighton auction and Skip hire

Sussex Auction And Skip Hire Alternative

Sussex auction and skip hire alternative. Brighton house clearance offer a cheap rubbish removal and offer high prices for items! we might just be a better option than the sussex auction and skip hire options available. Please see below for more information.

sussex auction and skip hire

Why use us instead of an Auction or hiring a Skip

Please give us a call if you have any items of value for sale. You may be thinking of using an auction butwe are going to explain why we could be a better option. Being in the industry for so long we have the experience and knowledge to correctly identify items of value and their worth. We have outlets in Bournemouth, London and across Sussex. This allows us to get the best prices for the items we sell on, having this allows us to pass these benefits onto our clients. With us its all about transparency. We will show you similar retail price sold items and base our offer off that.

The problem with auctions is the costs involved. You may have to pay a pick up fee if your items are large and of course you will have to pay commission, which ranges from 15-25% of the final value. Another problem with auction is the price you may get and it might not sell. Auction prices tend to be lower than the market average as the buyer has to take into account the buyer fee they will have to pay which can be the same amount as the seller’s fee. We thought we would just let you know the basics of auctions so you can better make your decision when selling your items.

Skip on getting a Skip 

Please give us a call for a quote first if you thinking about using a skip to clear your rubbish or property content. The reason why we ask this is because it could save you money and time!

In the past we have been 9 out of 10 times cheaper or the same price as a skip for the same amount of rubbish cleared. The only time it might be more expensive is having difficult access to the property. This would also be a problem when having a skip. The other main benefit of using us instead of a skip is that we do all the work! You won’t have to lift a finger and won’t have to have a skip taking up your drive.

You may be thinking skips are fast to be delivered and taken off but so are we. We can generally do a quote for a house clearance within 1-2 days of giving us a call and complete the job within a week. A benefit is not having to worry about your bulky items such as sofas and divan beds taken up the whole or the skip and sticking out.

We do offer a Ton bag call and collect service, which are meter square bags at £45 per bag of general and garden waste. These bags can be placed anywhere and we can come collect on request. You can have them on the side of your garden for your green waste. Just call us to replace it with a fresh one when it’s full. No deposit required for bag.