House Clearance Newhaven

House Clearance Newhaven

Our bespoke house clearance Newhaven services are offered across the whole of East Sussex. We pride ourselves in our reliability, priced and professionalism. We want all our customers to have the best experience possible with our service.


How it works?house clearance newhaven

As each house clearance or rubbish removal requirement is different for each client, we offer a free no obligation quote so you know exactly what you are paying for. In some cases, you may hold items of value that you wish to be cleared. In these cases, we will provide you with a cash offer. This offer can be used as a credit against the rubbish removal aspect of the clearance. Our quote sheets are designed to be as easy as possible to read and understand.

We can either arrange to meet you at the property or if you are unable to attend, we can collect the properties keys from your estate agent or solicitor at your convenience. Quotes take between 10 – 30 minutes to walk around the property, depending on the size of the clearance and contents. If your clearance is less then 5 items, we may be able to give you a quote over the phone. To arrange for a free no obligation quote, please get in contact with us.

Please be assured that we do our best to save items from landfill. Reusable items such as clothes and books will go to Newhaven’s local charities. We are able to donate the items to a charity of your choice if you have one that it would like to go to. Items that we are unable to donate or sell on will be taken our local recycling center, where it will be sorted into groups. They recycle what they can but unfortunately there are some items that are destined for landfill.

Frequently asked questions from our House Clearance Newhaven based customers

How do I get a quote?

To get arrange a free no obligation quote please use our contact form on the website. Alternavitly give us a call on the number provided at the top of the website. The quickest way to get in touch is to give us a phone call, please allow 12-24 hours for us to reply to our contact forms on the website.

How is the quote done?

After we have arranged a time and date with you we will need to come and take a look at the property. Anything of value will be pointed out and we will offer to purchase them from you. Alternatively they can be used as an offset for the final bill.

The quote takes on average 10-20 minutes to provide and will be filled out on one of our company quotation sheets. The quotation sheet is designed to be as transparent as possible with each rooms cost listed. The quote is split into 3 sections. The first section is the cost of disposing of the rubbish, which is called “tip fee” when disposing of rubbish there is a charge involved (Find more information here). The second section is an area where items of value are listed; hear you can see which items we would like to purchase and their value. The final section is our removal cost, which consists of labour and van fees. For example Tip Fee + Removal Fee – the cost of value items = Total Sum.

Any items we couldn’t economically be able to sell on ourselves will be donated to local charities for example cloths and books. Our quotation sheet can be used to compare against over quotes or to be looked over for your consideration. All our contact details are listed on the quotation sheet.