House Clearance Hove

House Clearance Hove

House clearance Hove is a service we can provide. If you are requiring an house clearance in the Hove area then we are the company for you. Here in at House Clearance Hove we pride ourselves in a giving our customers the best experience possible. We offer bespoke house clearance and rubbish removal services to fit around our clients’ needs and requests.

We understand that each one of our customers requirements are different, that’s why we offer a free, no obligation quote. With our quote sheets, we structure each cost or credit so you understand exactly what you paying for or in some cases – not paying for. For a quote on your clearance, please get in contact with us.


How It Works

house clearance Hove

Once you have contacted us for a free no obligation quote, we will be either be able to provide you with a  quote over the phone or we will have to arrange for one our advisors to come out to visit the property to provided you with an accurate quote. Usually phone quotes are done when your requirements are less then 3 – 5 items.

If your clearance is larger, then we will provide you with a property visit quote at a time to suit you. If you are not available to attend an appointment for a quote we are able to collect keys from an estate agents or solicitors. Property quotes last between 10 – 20 minutes to walk around the property and see the content. Due to our employees experience we are able to note items of value, which a cash offer will be made or it can be used against the price of the clearance. In some cases, if the value of the items out weight the total cost of the clearance you will be credited.

Here at house clearance Hove we hate items going to landfill. Anything that is in reusable condition will be donated to a local Hove charity. We always explain which ones we will be using and ask if you have a charity close to your heart which you would like the items to go to. Types of items that go to the charity are clothes and books. Items that are not of value and are not suitable for charities will be taken to a commercial recycling center – they recycle what they can but unfortunately there are some items, which are destined for the landfill.

House Clearance Hove Case Study

In this particular case study we are going to show off our dedication to being green. These case studies feature on all our location pages. They are a chance to see inside the inning workings of our business. This house in particular in hove was a hoarders house. As you can imagine there was a lot of stuff everywhere. Some house clearance company’s might just shove everything into bags and take it straight down to the tip, not only does this cost our clients more money its also bad for the environment.

Not us, we took our time to separate recyclable items and potential reusable items charities could benefit from. In the end we managed to save 60-70 % of the property’s content. Our customers where frilled with the end price and impressed by the amount we managed to save. Unfortunately some items we clear from house clearances in hove are destined for the tip but you can have peace of mind we will do our best.

Frequently asked questions from our Hove based customers

Where do you take the rubbish you collect from house clearances in hove?

The rubbish we collect form house clearances in hove goes to a local commercial recycling center. The local one is Off Old Shoreham Road, Hove, BN3 7AE.

 What charities do you use in hove?

We generally try and use the Heart Foundation and Cancer research as its charities close to our team member’s hearts. We always ask if there is a charity you would prefer us to use.

 How long does a house clearance take?

The average house clearance can be completed in a day with a 2-3-man team. When doing the quote we will be able to estimate more accurately how long it will take.