Frequently asked questions

House Clearance & Rubbish Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Brighton and East Sussex House Clearance services frequently asked questions. Below you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions we get asked the most, hopefully we have answered your questions but if you need further clarification or have an additional question please get in contact with us, are phone lines are open 8:30 – 6:30 Monday to Saturday.

How long does it take to clear a house?
Most house clearances can be done within a day or morning with a 2-3 man team. Factors that effect the time taken to clear out is property size, content mass and access to the property.
Do I need to be at the property when your carrying out a service?
We recommend that you are if there are items that are still in the property that you plan to keep. This is to make sure we can double check on what’s to be removed and don’t clear anything that was meant to stay. If the whole property is to be cleared then we don’t require anyone present but your welcome to stay if you wish. When the property is cleared we will give you a call so you can come and inspect our work.

We are able to collect keys from estate agents and solicitors and return them once the job is completed. Before and after photos along with the invoice will be sent to your email address for inspection.

Can you clean the property as well?
We understand some properties may go onto the market after a clearance so we offer a deep clean service. Our team will go in and clean the property ready for the market.
How much does a house clearance cost?
Every house is different and has different content. We would need to visit the property to give you a price. If you only require a few items to be removed we might be able to give you a quote over the phone. We welcome photos of items/rubbish to be sent to our email address or phone for a price.
How do I get a quote?
To get arrange a free no obligation quote please use our contact form on the website or give us a call on the number provided at the top of the website. The quickest way to get in touch is to give us a phone call, please allow 12-24 hours for us to reply to our contact forms on the website.
How is the quote done?
After we have arranged a time and date with you we will need to come and take a look at the property. Anything of value will be pointed out and we will offer to purchase them from you or they can be used as an offset for the final bill.

The quote takes on average 10-20 minutes to provide and will be filled out on one of our company quotation sheets. The quotation sheet is designed to be as transparent as possible with each rooms cost listed. The quote is split into 3 sections. The first section is the cost of disposing of the rubbish, which is called “tip fee” when disposing of rubbish there is a charge involved (Find more information here). The second section is an area where items of value are listed; hear you can see which items we would like to purchase and their value. The final section is our removal cost, which consists of labour and van fees. For example Tip Fee + Removal Fee – the cost of value items = Total Sum.

Any items we couldn’t economically be able to sell on ourselves will be donated to local charities for example cloths and books.

Our quotation sheet can be used to compare against over quotes or to be looked over for your consideration. All our contact details are listed on the quotation sheet.

What charities do you use?
We use a number of charities across East Sussex, some smaller shops we take cloths and books and there are other larger shops in which we take larger furniture too. Old Textiles and blankets are taken to animal shelters and cat protection centres.

We explain when doing the quote which items will be going to charity and which one. We always ask if you have a preference on which one you would like us to use.

Why do we use charities?
Any item then we feel can be reused goes to charity. We don’t want any reusable items going to waste and ending up in landfill, there’s already enough there already!

We also feel its a lot nicer for deceased family members items to be reused and go to a good cause instead of being thrown away and ending up in land fill.

Do you do garden waste?
Yes, we can clear all types of green waste. To get a quote please give us a call.
Can you clear my garden shed?
We can clear mostly anything from anywhere. We can even dismantle and take the shed with us with it rotten and beyond repair
How much does garden waste cost?
It depends on the type or waste and the mass of it. Please contact us to get an accurate price.
Can you cut down garden waste and do garden maintenance?
Yes we are able to completely cut down and clear an over grown garden.
Do you provide your own equipment?
Yes of course! Our vans are fully fitted with tail lifts, sack trucks and tools.
How is payment made?
For commercial customers we allow 1 month for payment or on your business next payment date instead of same day payment for private customers. We understand business accounts go out on certain days or can take longer to process.