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We welcome you to Brighton House Clearance Services. We provide house, office, garden, shed and garage clearances services all over East Sussex.

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Welcome To Brighton House Clearance & East Sussex Rubbish Removal Services

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We welcome you to Brighton House Clearance Services. We provide house, office, garden, shed and garage clearances services all over East Sussex. In fact there’s nothing much we can’t remove from your property and we have the expertise and resources to do it professionally and efficiently. Our professionalism and reliability is reflected in our reviews and feedback. Our websites has an abundance of information which should hopefully answer all your questions and show you the process of how we operate!

House clearance and rubbish removal east sussex

Dedicated to being green

Our main goal as a Brighton house clearance company is to keep Brighton and the rest of east Sussex as green as possible! We are lucky enough to live in this gorgeous city and county we feel like it’s our duty to do so. You can rest assure anything reusable from your property will be put to good use, from donating to local Brighton charities, up cycling furniture and only using commercial recycling Centers.

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A reliable and ethical service

We aim to answer any questions you have within a couple of hours. Quotes can be provided quickly with a quick lead time on completing the service. We are fully licence, insured and have the assets to carry out any job. Just give us a call or use the contact form on our website to arrange a quote.

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Why choose us to help you

We are dedicated as a team and business to provide the best service possible. We aim to reduces costs for our clients as much as possible and give them the best prices for their items of value. All quotes are free and at no-obligation. Our experienced team members are waiting to show off the expertise and the services our company can provide.

About Brighton House Clearance

Sussex House Clearance and rubbish removal is a family business set up to help with the clearing of properties. Our main goal is to make the process as easy as possible; we achieve this by providing quotes quickly and always being efficient in our work.

You can guarantee our quotes will be competitive and our service to the highest standard. You can rest assure our prices for purchased items will be as good as or better than others of a comparable nature. Our professional and reliable service is reflected in our reviews and feedback.

We operate is such a way to make our house clearance service the best it can be, from having all our trucks fitted with tail lifts to fully professional team members who have been moving furniture and clearing properties for over 10 years. We can even provide a deep clean service to get the house ready for its new occupants.

The advantages of using a well established house Clearance Company is the service and expertise you will receive. We have the resources to provide quotes quickly and get you

booked in on a date that best suits you. We have outlets in Bournemouth and London were furniture can be sold for top prices which has allowed us to offer top purchase prices for our customers items.

Our Dedication to being green and cutting out cowboy traders

One of our main objectives since we started was to save as much as possible from landfill. We achieve thisby donating to local charities, up cycling furniture, separating your property’s contents. We only using commercial recycling centers. By being greener we actually save our customers money as the more that goes into landfill the more expensive it is. It’s a huge win win in our eyes and wouldn’t dream of doing anything different.

Commercial recycling centers sort the rubbish with a fine comb to separate the different materials that make up furniture and other home contents. We use different charities in each town, we always mentioned which one we will be using and ask if there is a charity close to our customers heart to use.

Extra help we can provide

We have pages on this website with local estate agents and solicitors in the towns we operate in and our team is always on standby to offer recommendations. We know when dealing with a house clearance there can be many moving parts so we try and streamline it for our customers as much as possible. A cleaning service, which includes carpet and window cleaning can be provided. The services you choose to use us for will all be on one invoice and it one place.

Full House Clearance

Brighton house clearance provides a complete house clearance service. We can clear the entire property contents including outside garden items and sheds. All cupboards and rooms will be emptied; we can even remove carpets, rotten sheds, kitchens and provide a deep clean if required. Please see here for more information on our house clearance services in Brighton and throughout East Sussex.

Partial House Clearance

Our partial house clearance service can clear single rooms or multiple, we take extra care when separating personal items that family members or customers want to keep. We can even offer a delivery service by delivery the items/boxes our customers want to keep to their desired location after the clearance. Please see here for more information on our partial house clearance service.

Rubbish Removal

Anything you regard as rubbish or any items you need removing Brighton house clearance can help. Based in Brighton and operate all over Sussex. Please see here for more information on our rubbish removal service or alternatively give us a call to get a price.

Item Valuation and purchase

Our team have experience in all types of antiques, furniture, collectables and electrical items. We are able to give you an idea of resale value and offer to purchase them from you. Anything we purchase can be used as an offset against the cost of the rubbish removal aspect of the house clearance and if there’s a surplus you will be credited in either cash or bank transfer. If you have any item you want to sell or have a property with content you think has some value then please give us a call. Please see here for more information about item valuation and purchase and find out why we can offer you the best price!


British heart foundation charity

Here at Brighton house clearance we believe in helping the local community and giving back where we can. It’s also nice to see deceased family members items go to good use and not just thrown away! Not only does giving to charity save on tip fees it also makes up part of our goal to keep Brighton’s waste down. We have our selected charities in Brighton we use and throughout East Sussex but always ask if there’s a charity close to your heart for us to use instead.

What type of items do we donate?

All textiles, books, sets of kitchen items, food and some furniture is donated. Charities will sell them individual in their stores or sell them off to large companies to be recycled. They then get transformed into an array of products. Either way the charities will increase their income.

If your a local charity or origination that require certain items please get in contact with us. We are always on the look out for new charities to help out. As you can imagine we get a vast amount of items providing house clearances that our customers would like to see reused.

Where We operate

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Brighton House Clearance and rubbish removal is based in Brighton and operate all over East Sussex
and parts of West Sussex. Please seethe below map to indicate the area we operate. We offer our house clearance and rubbish removal services 7 days a week. Our phone lines being open 8:30-6:30 Monday to Saturday. Let us here at Brighton house clearance take care of your unwanted items and properties content.

We hate cowboys and rough traders

Brighton house clearance is fully licensed and insured to carry out the services we provide. We done research and background checks on the commercial recycling centers we use.  We do this to make sure they licensed and keeping up with industry standards. Our waste carriers license, Insurance documents and information on where we dispose of the items we collect can be produced on request. The last thing you want is to use a waste removal company that has no respect for the environment. Incorrectly dumped rubbish can come back on its owners. For peace of mind we provide a copy of our tip fee to show how much we paid to dispose of the rubbish and where it has gone. All tip fees will be reference to the customer’s property.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the number one house clearance company in Brighton and East Sussex. We will achieve this by providing our customers with the best quotes and service to be found in the county. Our team is waiting for your call so we can show off our service and expertise!

Best Service you will find in Brighton

After giving us a call you will quickly come to realize why we have in business for so long. Our level of customer service is second to none. Through out the years we have adapted our business to be to steam line the house clearance process. From designed our company quotation sheets to be as transparent as possible to all out vans being fitted with tail lifts, sack trucks and of course experienced team members. Most homes are filled with personal and prized items. We make sure our team careful separate any items family members or customers want to keep.

Keeping quotes low and offers high

We want to give our customers the best prices for their items and keeping our quotes for the rubbish removal aspect of house clearances to a minimum. We can achieve this by having outlets in Bourenmouth, London, Brighton and through out the rest of East Sussex. This allows us to get the best retail prices, and enables us to pass these benefits onto our customers. Our quotes for the rubbish removal aspect of house clearances are low due to the amount of recycling we do and the experience we have in clearing property’s quickly and efficiently.